What is the deal with podcasts? I can’t seem to figure out why they’re so popular, although maybe it’s just that I haven’t found one I love. I guess I don’t entirely get where you go to listen to them, how you can have a free hour or more to listen to them daily, or what people get out of them. I would like to get it. I would like to appreciate podcasts, but for now I just don’t get it.

Here’s the thing, I used to know some guys who did a podcast. Every week they’d get together, drink a bunch of beer, and speak into microphones about…nothing. It was a show about nothing. Like Seinfeld but with less humor. It wasn’t bad. The guys were actually funny together for most of it, but I never felt like I gained anything from listening. It was like sitting around at a party listening to people’s conversations. It felt weird and unfulfilling.

Here’s another thing, I can’t figure out books on tape either. I freaking LOVE to read. I mean love it. I read War and Peace in junior high for fun. I am all about books. So I thought it would make sense to get books on tape so that I can “read” while I drive, or when I’m on a flight, or when I’m gardening, or whenever. Makes sense. Only every time I’ve ever tried to listen to a book on tape I realize around minute ten that I have no idea what’s happening because I wasn’t listening. I’d zoned out somewhere along the line and by the time I pulled myself back from whatever I was thinking, the book had moved on without me. I don’t do this when I’m reading a book, but any time I try to listen to one it happens.

So maybe this whole “I don’t get podcasts” thing is because of whatever is miswired in me that won’t allow me to listen to books on tape, even though I can watch TV, read a book, have a conversation with a friend, watch YouTube and successfully learn how to fix my vacuum cleaner, etc.

For those of you who have a podcast or follow a podcast, perhaps you can do me a favor and tell me:

  • how do you listen to the podcast (phone, computer, smart TV, car, etc.)
  • where do you go to access the podcast (iTunes, a website, etc.)
  • how do you find out about podcasts you might like
  • when do you listen to the podcasts you like

I would like to make space in my life for podcasts if I can find a way to have them make sense for me, if I can find one that I get something out of, if I can find one that keeps my attention and doesn’t send me wandering for ten minutes only to return lost. Any and all advice and info is appreciated, especially the answers to the questions above.

Thank you!

5 Replies to “Podcasts”

  1. A podcast is just a fancy word for a radio show through the internet. Apple iTunes is a popular platform for listening or downloading them but they can be found in many ways on the internet even youtube. The Joe Rogan Experience is my favourite one.

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