A Few Days In

So I’m officially a few days in to my self-imposed challenge of writing for one hour every day. I’m amazed at how the time literally flies by. My only frustration is having to stop periodically to run back and feed my baby who seems to wake every twenty minutes and realize I’m not there. Sigh. I wouldn’t trade it for the world, but it doesn’t mean I can’t be frustrated by it too.

I’m at the point where I’m willing to share my page publicly and share my posts, but I also feel like my site is drab and not quite what I want it to be. Not much to be done about that, sadly, as it would require more of my already limited time, not just to learn how to do what I want, but then to find the additional resources needed to do it. For example, the stock photo on the front of my site = blech. What I’d like instead is a lovely photo of a library of books or a typewriter or something a bit more inspiring than a mountain I’ve never been to in the sunset taken by someone that isn’t me of a place I’ve never been. All of that fixing, however, is a major time suck and not relevant to my challenge.

I think I will wait a couple more days before I give my friends, family, and I guess technically the entire world, access to my writing. I think I’m still a little too nervous. More nervous than excited.

While this post hasn’t been an hour, I did spend time in my private journal to make up that time. Thanks for reading!

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