Plenty of Fish in the Digital Sea

Part II (You can read Part I here.) It was there in that ending of the second month and the beginning of her real and true fear that perhaps she should listen to her friends rather than herself, that she was scrolling through the app, her heart not really in it, sipping her coffee andContinue reading “Plenty of Fish in the Digital Sea”

Your (Writing) Tagline

Part I Her friends insisted she try it. They were all married, engaged, or in committed relationships and naturally had to see her in same. Join, join, join. Of course they weren’t that obnoxious about it, no one ever is; if peer pressure were so obvious it would be so much easier to avoid. TheContinue reading “Your (Writing) Tagline”

The Terrible Decision

She could have stayed. It may have been better to stay. How hard could it have been to stop, take a deep breath, count to ten? Too hard, apparently. She left. It was a split decision, even as she was doing it, she floated above, watching herself doing it. The walking to the hook, theContinue reading “The Terrible Decision”