The Handmaid's Tale

The Handmaid’s Tale

Yesterday was my day to be completely overwhelmed. My anxiety was through the roof. I finally realized I just needed an extreme crying session. A massive sob fest. I needed to empty my bucket. Since I couldn’t just let go on my own, I’d been holding it in too long, I decided I needed a movie to help me.

Reaching out to my online support network I received a barrage of suggestions for movies that are “spectacularly sad, guaranteed to make you sob.” Sadly as I tried to find the first couple of suggestions on all the options we subscribe to I was unable to. And then I came across a suggestion for The Handmaid’s Tale.

The book The Handmaid’s Tale is spectacular. Phenomenal. I read it before it was required reading in school, again when I got to that place in school where it’s required, and then again shortly after 2016. I love this book. Because I love this book I had no interest whatsoever in watching a series that would butcher it (since I automatically assume a beloved book will be butchered in the filming).

What the hell, I figured, I might as well try it and see….

While it was absolutely the wrong thing for me to start watching when I was already tense, anxious, and overwhelmed, it is stunningly good. I’m only half-way in to the second episode of the first season, but I am completely engrossed and can’t wait to get back to it. The acting is amazing and they are sticking to the book really, really well.

I’m much more of a reader than a viewer, but (so far) this is one instance where I would say you can watch the show and not lose the soul of the book.