Life Gets In The Way

My youngest is surging toward a wonder week and driving my husband and I completely batty with lack of sleep; our oldest remains unaffected, as preschoolers often are. I obtained roughly two and a half hours of sleep last night. This is not the worst it’s ever been, but it’s the sixteenth night in aContinue reading “Life Gets In The Way”

Monthly Check In: January

I have been dealing with sick kids for several days and the last 48 hours has been spent getting puked on and cleaning up puke and holding a kid so he can sleep at night…it’s been the side of parenting you don’t see in movies. It’s been horrible, and great, because it’s part of lifeContinue reading “Monthly Check In: January”


We make goals all the time. Arbitrary goals, necessary goals, goals based on wishes and dreams. No goals are better or worse than others, and all goals require steps to achieve. It’s figuring out those steps and getting them done that separate those who achieve from those who give up. I am no expert. I’mContinue reading “Achievement”