Monthly Check In: May

I don’t even…Seriously, what is up with 2020? May has come and gone. Have I done anything productive, yes. Have I maintained my NYR’s, almost entirely no. Continue Practicing Gratitude I continue to ask myself what I’m grateful for at the end of each day and I continue to send people thank you cards toContinue reading “Monthly Check In: May”

Monthly Check In: April

How did April come and go and we’re still in this bizarre new other world? Sigh. Continue Practicing Gratitude I completed the Yale course, The Happiness of Well-Being. It is free and I highly recommend it. You can find it here. I continue to note things daily that I’m grateful for, although sadly/happily my gratitudeContinue reading “Monthly Check In: April”

Monthly Check In: March

So March was a bizarre month…. I question my NYR’s a bit and wonder how they may have been different if I could have possibly known what was coming, but I also think they’d probably be the same. Continue Practicing Gratitude I’ve continued with the gratitude jar and it’s crazy how much I look forwardContinue reading “Monthly Check In: March”

Monthly Check In: February

As you know if you read my January check in, our whole family got sick at the end of January and we remained sick for, wait for it…THREE WEEKS! Unfreakingbelievable, but there you have it. So February pretty much did a number on us. Still and all here’s where I’m at with my NYR’s: ContinueContinue reading “Monthly Check In: February”

Monthly Check In: January

I have been dealing with sick kids for several days and the last 48 hours has been spent getting puked on and cleaning up puke and holding a kid so he can sleep at night…it’s been the side of parenting you don’t see in movies. It’s been horrible, and great, because it’s part of lifeContinue reading “Monthly Check In: January”