When we first moved to our home in Montana it was Fall, just a month later than where we’re at now. The nights become deliciously cold, perfect for sleeping, while the days are warm enough to make you question why you’re splitting wood. Never question why you’re splitting wood, one should always be splitting wood,Continue reading “Windows”

Monthly Check In: May

I don’t even…Seriously, what is up with 2020? May has come and gone. Have I done anything productive, yes. Have I maintained my NYR’s, almost entirely no. Continue Practicing Gratitude I continue to ask myself what I’m grateful for at the end of each day and I continue to send people thank you cards toContinue reading “Monthly Check In: May”

Monthly Check In: April

How did April come and go and we’re still in this bizarre new other world? Sigh. Continue Practicing Gratitude I completed the Yale course, The Happiness of Well-Being. It is free and I highly recommend it. You can find it here. I continue to note things daily that I’m grateful for, although sadly/happily my gratitudeContinue reading “Monthly Check In: April”

The Handmaid’s Tale

Yesterday was my day to be completely overwhelmed. My anxiety was through the roof. I finally realized I just needed an extreme crying session. A massive sob fest. I needed to empty my bucket. Since I couldn’t just let go on my own, I’d been holding it in too long, I decided I needed aContinue reading “The Handmaid’s Tale”

Time To Myself

Sometime in late February or early March I remember thinking to myself, and perhaps even saying out loud, “I just need a few hours to myself!” I was feeling overwhelmed by all the bad weather we’d been having, the kids being trapped in the house for days, not sleeping well because they weren’t burning energyContinue reading “Time To Myself”


The last several nights have seen me spending my hour of writing time on other things (utter failure for my monthly check-in when I will clearly not have written every day for one hour). I finally got to see The Biggest Little Farm (Hulu) and it was epic. I loved every minute of it. IContinue reading “Chick-Chick-Chickens”


When the waves began she didn’t notice. The waves had come before, in a different manner, true, and a different place, but still. She knew the waves were nothing to concern herself with and so she didn’t. Until they began coming closer together. Coming more often. Coming stronger. The waves began coming in a pattern,Continue reading “Teeth”